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9th edition: 21 April - 26 April 2020

Bad Lucky Goat (2017 Feature Film) Nominee

Samir Oliveros | Colombia | 2017 | color | DCP | 76 min | Creole | e.s.

Growing up under the same roof doesn’t guarantee friendship. That definitely applies to these bickering siblings in this playful coming-of-age story. Can these Colombian youngsters rely on each other if they run into trouble together? A colorful, musical road trip with a dead goat as catalyst.

The Denton family runs a hotel in the beautiful Port Paradise situated on Colombia’s breathtaking Caribbean coast. Corn and his slightly older sister Rita are sent out to pick up guests, but they really don’t want to because they annoy the hell out of each other. They leave arguing. Bickering they hit a stray goat. The poor animal is dead and their father’s car is damaged. This starts the incompatible duo’s search for a garage and money to pay for repairs. Oh, and what are they supposed to do with the dead goat?
During this 24-hour musical quest, brother and sister encounter all sorts of colorful figures they hope will bring them closer to a solution. In the meantime, clearly well out of their comfort zones, the two teens discover unexpected character traits and talents in one another.

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 18:15

Duration: 1:20

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 7 April 2017

Time: 15:30

Duration: 0:55

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 9 April 2017

Time: 21:15

Duration: 0:58

Year in Festival
Samir Oliveros
David Curto
Honlenny Huffington
Kiara Howard
Elkin Robinson
Michel Robinson
Ambrosio Huffington
Jean Bush
Sebastian Hernandez
76 min
Pablo La Porta
Andres Gomez
Production Company
Solar Cinema
Production Design
Lulu Salgado
Samir Oliveros
Sound Design
Manuel Jose Gordillo
Year of Production
Samir Oliveros

Samir OLIVEROS (1990, Colombia) studied film direction at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Afterwards he used crowdfunding to finance his feature film debut Bad Lucky Goat (2017). He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Morpho (2013, short), Bad Lucky Goat (2017)