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9th edition: 21 April - 26 April 2020

Il postino (Il Postino: The Postman) (2017 Feature Film)

Michael Radford | Italy, France, Belgium | 1994 | color | DCP | 108 min | Italian, Spanish | e.s.

A cycling Italian postman only delivers to one address in the early 1950s: the temporary, remote abode of Pablo Neruda. This Chilean poet in exile teaches the unassuming and endearing postman to love the written word. Award-winning arthouse classic from 1994 that is still universally heartwarming in 2017.

“What is a metaphor?” Mario, a gentle, simple postman from an island of fishermen near Naples who delivers post to just one address, truly doesn't know. Until the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda – who lives in the remote home – explains it to him. Mario proves to have an innate sense of the power of words. Initial, tentative conversations between the two about poetry lay the foundations for an exceptional friendship between men from entirely different worlds. They bond over their love of words and life. Although Neruda really was living in exile in Europe, the heartwarming yet never sentimental drama about friendship is fictional. This does not detract from its potency though: the picturesque location makes viewers long for the bygone days of the 1950s. Massimo Troisi, who played the lead, was also one of the driving forces behind this 1994 arthouse classic and died – aged just 41 – of heart failure mere hours after shooting wrapped.

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 17:00

Duration: 1:25

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 9 April 2017

Time: 20:30

Duration: 1:23

Year in Festival
Michael Radford
Franco Di Giacomo
Philippe Noiret
Massimo Troisi
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Renato Scarpa
Linda Moretti
Mariano Rigillo
Roberto Perpignani
108 min
Luis Enríquez Bacalov
Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Mario Cecchi Gori
Gaetano Daniele
Production Company
Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica
Penta Film
Esterno Mediterraneo
Production Design
Lorenzo Baraldi
Michael Radford
Furio Scarpelli
Giacomo Scarpelli
Anna Pavignano
Massimo Troisi
based on the novel Ardiente paciencia by Antonio Skármeta
Sound Design
Alessandra Perpignani/Massimo Loffredi
Year of Production
Michael Radford

Michael RADFORD (1946, India) was born and raised in India and moved to England to study at Oxford. In 1971 he was one of the first 25 students to enroll in the National Film and Television School in London. He made documentaries for the BBC before gaining recognition for the romantic drama Another Time, Another Place (1983). His most well-known and successful film is Il Postino/Il Postino: The Postman (1994), about the friendship between a gentle postman and the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The film won numerous international awards, including an Oscar for best music, and was – for many years – the highest grossing, non-English-language film ever made.


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