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Antes que cante el gallo (Before the Rooster Crows) (2016 Feature Film) Nominee

Arí Maniel Cruz | Puerto Rico | 2015 | 97 min | Spanish | e.s.

Coming-of-age drama in which a Puerto Rican teen girl is living at her strict grandmother’s house, waiting until she can move to America to be with her mom. That gets cancelled. As she suffers and struggles with puberty, her natural father suddenly appears after years in prison.

Puerto Rican teenager Carmín dreams of living with her mom in America, but when her hopes are suddenly dashed she ends up emotionally torn. Immediately afterwards she is confronted for the first time with her natural father. He’s spent years in jail and then moves in with Carmín and her strict grandmother. Initially, Carmín doesn’t like the charming newcomer, but father and daughter slowly become close. In the meantime, the hormonal maelstrom of puberty does its job: Carmín becomes a woman and that causes great confusion, mostly for her. In this empathetic coming-of-age drama, a sensitive girl (wonderfully played by Miranda Purcell) with so many complex growing pains that the coming together of things like savage disappointment, separation anxiety and developing sexuality lead to a dangerous mix: a complex, ambiguous, deeply hurt teen wants to be loved.

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 8 April 2016

Time: 18:45

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 9 April 2016

Time: 10:30

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 10 April 2016

Time: 14:00

Duration: 1:30

Year in



Arí Maniel Cruz


Santiago Benet Mari


Miranda Purcel
Cordelia González
José Eugenio Hernández
Kisha Burgos


Puerto Rico


Andrei Nemcik





97 min


Eduardo Cabra


Esteban Lima

Production Company


Production Design

Mayna Magruder




Kisha Burgos

Sound Design

Mayte Rivera
Leonardo Ochoa
José Elí Pérez

Year of Production


Arí Maniel CRUZ studied communication and scriptwriting and then worked as a sitcom writer in Puerto Rico. Later he was active as a producer/director in the national TV and film industry. His feature film debut Under My Nails was released in 2012 and was followed in 2016 by the film drama Antes que cante el gallo/Before the Rooster Crows.



La familia de Camello (2004, TV series), Zompi (2005, TV), El brindis del bohemio (2009, TV), Under My Nails (2012), Antes que cante el gallo/Before the Rooster Crows (2016)