Double, The (2015 Feature Film)

What if ‘you’ were your new colleague? And what if ‘you’ prove more fun and more popular than yourself? While ‘you’ get you to do all the work? And ‘you’ even snap up the girl of your dreams? Well, then you’d be in this playful Kafkaesque nightmare.

despedida, La (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Club Sándwich. Short, funny film in which a beautiful young woman bids farewell to a passionate man at a railway station. But what happens after his inevitable departure?

Dark Horse, The (2015 Feature Film)

Highly praised drama from New Zealand telling the true, impressive story of Genesis Potini, who fought for the future of disadvantaged children until his death in 2011. In spite of his own bipolar disorder, he taught them to play chess and fight for opportunities. Amusing and raw, and above all intensely moving.

Cross (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Melody. A journey through the city center of Le Havre in France, edited to a soundtrack by Emmanuel Lalande.

Club Sandwich (2015 Feature Film)

During a lazy vacation by a swimming pool, the first cracks appear in a tight mother-son relationship when adolescent Hector falls in love. The mother – an endlessly inspiring theme for director Eimbcke – reacts amusedly and obstreperously to the inevitable friction caused by the budding romance.

Atlantic. (2015 Feature Film)

Fettah’s desire for freedom in Europe is greater than his love for his homeland and family. The young fisherman sets off on an exhausting, perilous journey across the terrain he knows best: the ocean. And not by boat, but on his surfboard. Breathtaking, poetic and exciting.

Art Connect (2015 Feature Film)

Documentary about the incredible power of art and creativity. We gain insight into the world of the young, vulnerable Art Connect project participants before and after the painting, music and dance lessons. Moving, shocking, but above all inspiring.

Alive Inside (2015 Feature Film)

Heart-warming documentary about the restorative power of music for Alzheimer sufferers. For three years, the filmmaker followed social worker Dan Cohen who revives care-home residents by playing them their favourite music. A confrontational appraisal of how we in the West treat the elderly.