Loin des hommes (2015 Feature Film)

Shortly before the outbreak of the Algerian War of Independence, a teacher (Viggo Mortensen) is forced to accompany a local murderer (Reda Kateb) across the Atlas Mountains to a French colonial court. A North African Western, based on a short story by Albert Camus. Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Locke (2015 Feature Film)

Actor Tom Hardy’s one-man show. Construction foreman Ivan Locke flees his life during an intense, 90-minute drive. While he desperately tries to keep everything on track, this everyman gradually reveals all his secrets.

Little White Lie (2015 Feature Film)

What exactly defines you as a human? Your genes or the family and culture you are raised in? In this personal documentary, Lacey Schwartz studies her own background, thereby uncovering family secrets, dual identity and denial. Can her family achieve closure concerning the lie Schwartz grew up with?

Labour of Love (2015 Feature Film)

A husband and wife, gently in love and in the prime of life, hardly see each other due to their working schedules in an extremely busy Kolkata. Sophisticated cinematic approach with strong performances, no dialogue and great camerawork makes for a memorable film. Best Director, Venice.

Keep on Keepin’ on (2015 Feature Film)

Intimate portrait of legendary jazz musician Clark Terry and his role as mentor to musical greats such as Miles Davis and Quincy Jones. The latest beneficiary being the young, blind pianist Justin Kauflin. Even when the by now well over 90-year old Terry falls ill, the two become energised by their music sessions.

hongos, Los (2015 Feature Film)

Personally and autobiographically inspired drama about two skater friends who are at the heart of the colourful, noisy street and youth culture of Cali, Colombia. With a lot of warm heart, Ruiz portrays Ras and Calvin, who are looking for their own voice, a stage and of course freedom, love and fun.

Giants (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Today. The youth of Rotterdam and their role models, parents, and guardians… otherwise known as giants.

Femmes du 6e étage, Les (2015 Feature Film)

Comedy set in 1962 in which wealthy Parisian becomes captivated by the lively Spanish housekeepers who live in his attic. A romantic, historical tale full of dry humour during an era of clear class distinctions, but also great social change.

Farewell Party, The (2015 Feature Film)

An older married couple in an old people’s home in Jerusalem see friends and acquaintances suffering unnecessarily in the last days of their lives. They decide to take action. A pitch-black comedy on friendship and farewells, which took the audience award in Venice.