Primero de Enero (2015 Feature Film)

Great road movie about children that also tackles tough adult themes. Crime, divorce and illegality are dealt with airily in the story about a boy who will stop at nothing to find his father’s stolen piano. Because if the piano comes back, his father is sure to follow.

Por amor en el caserio (2015 Feature Film)

This variation on Romeo and Juliet set in the poor neighbourhoods of San Juan, For Love in the Caserio is partially based on the experiences of local amateur actors. Antonio Morales previously also wrote the script for the eponymous play that aimed to reduce drug-dealing and violence on the streets.

Poetry Is an Island, Derek Walcott (2015 Feature Film)

Everything in poet Derek Walcott’s work exudes the Caribbean: its nature, light, sea and people. In this intimate portrait of the Nobel Prizewinner from St. Lucia, friends, family, other poets such as Seamus Heaney as well as Walcott himself discuss his work and life.

Phoenix (2015 Feature Film)

Intelligent psychological and historical drama in which a Jewish concentration camp survivor whose face is disfigured beyond recognition goes in search of her husband among the ruins of post-war Berlin. Was he the one who betrayed her to the Nazis?

Petite blonde (2015 Short Film)

On a hot summer afternoon, a group of youngsters from Marseille’s estates hang out at their spot by the sea. A blonde girl breaks cultural convention seeking to join them.

Partes de una familia (2015 Feature Film)

Scenes from filmmaker Diego Gutierrez’s parents’ marriage: after 50 years there seems to be nothing left and father and mother live separate lives at their stunning villa on the outskirts of Mexico City. Using his camera, their son tries to fathom how it all came to this.

No soy Lorena (2015 Feature Film)

Tense thriller in which a young Chilean actress is confronted with a bad case of mistaken identity. Creditors visit Olivia looking for Lorena Ruiz. But who is Lorena? And why is it so hard to prove that Olivia has nothing to do with the debts or this mysterious Lorena?

meraviglie, Le (2015 Feature Film)

Dreamy second film by Italian director Alice Rohrwacher about a family of beekeepers in the remote Tuscany countryside, living by their own rules. But the outside world can’t be kept at arm’s length forever. Young Gelsomina is almost an adult, and realises her father is not the man she thought he was.

Melody (2015 Feature Film)

Two women: one a rich, single businesswoman aged 48, the other a homeless hairdresser with a dream. These two very different lives are brought together by a pregnancy. Poignant, empathetic and strongly acted drama that asks questions about motherhood and childhood. Who takes care of who? And what makes a good mother?

Mateo (2015 Feature Film)

Among the numerous mariachi singers in Los Angeles, there is only one red-haired Caucasian man. Moreover, he is also the most ambitious. More musically than socially gifted, this lone musician blossoms each time he visits Cuba. A melancholy portrait of a curiously charming ex-convict.