WIND (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Locke. Short, prize-winning animation with dry humour about the inhabitants of a stormy country who have turned the difficult situation into an advantage by adapting.

Waiting for News (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Labour of Love. Only a boy from Papua could hang from a climbing frame like this. He’s elated because his big brother Hans called. Elegant glimpse of real life at an orphanage.

Renny Show, The (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Little White Lie. Short drama in which an eccentric TV personality suitably concludes his career with a farewell party. All the masked guests are shadows from his notorious, eventful past.

Rebecca’s Story (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Partes de una familia. Short, nuanced drama in which Rebecca discovers that there is a reason for granny’s sharp tongue and the harsh upbringing she provides.

Quantum. (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Alive Inside. Spotlighting this small Italian mountain village brings a variety of hidden activities to light.

Petite blonde (2015 Short Film)

On a hot summer afternoon, a group of youngsters from Marseille’s estates hang out at their spot by the sea. A blonde girl breaks cultural convention seeking to join them.

Making of Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2014, The (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Salgán & Salgán: A Father-Son Tango. A look behind the scenes of the making of the biggest music festival on Curaçao filmed during the 5th edition of Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival in August 2014. The film gives an impression of the preparations involved in building the festival site, the logistics and technical installations.

Giants (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Today. The youth of Rotterdam and their role models, parents, and guardians… otherwise known as giants.

despedida, La (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Club Sándwich. Short, funny film in which a beautiful young woman bids farewell to a passionate man at a railway station. But what happens after his inevitable departure?

Cross (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Melody. A journey through the city center of Le Havre in France, edited to a soundtrack by Emmanuel Lalande.