A Wedding (Noces) (2017 Feature Film)

The strong bond between Zahira and her parents is tested when an arranged marriage with a Pakistani man is set up as tradition decrees. She faces a heart-rending dilemma. Convincing portrait of the conundrums facing second generation immigrants that unfolds like a Greek tragedy in contemporary Brussels.

The Violin Teacher (Heliopolis) (2017 Feature Film)

Will a talented musician’s life end after a botched audition? Brazilian violinist Laerte fears the worst. He decides to start work as a music teacher in the favelas, where he is confronted with a pack of undisciplined youths. Will this rag-tag mob ever be musical?

El vigilante (The Night Guard) (2017 Feature Film)

Salvador works as a night watchman at a construction site. Normally nothing much happens, but precisely on the day that his wife is about to give birth, the problems just keep mounting; from an inexplicable theft to the discovery of a dead body.

Tramontane (2017 Feature Film)

Moving, ingenious, and musical narrative about life after war. When his band is to perform in Europe, blind Lebanese musician Rabih has to get a passport. This leads to a quest for his roots in a country where the civil war has left a trail of lies and loss. Who is really blind here?

SHORT (2017 Short Film)

They have many ladders. They only need one. Let’s see. A short film by Alex Santiago and the students of Instituto Buena Bista.

Santa y Andrés (Santa & Andres) (2017 Feature Film)

In Cuba in 1983 an improbable friendship develops between a homosexual author and the obedient government official who has to ‘babysit’ the former for three days. Subtle drama demonstrates how politics can drive people apart and how essential human contact can obviate that distance.

Il postino (Il Postino: The Postman) (2017 Feature Film)

A cycling Italian postman only delivers to one address in the early 1950s: the temporary, remote abode of Pablo Neruda. This Chilean poet in exile teaches the unassuming and endearing postman to love the written word. Award-winning arthouse classic from 1994 that is still universally heartwarming in 2017.

Pop Aye (2017 Feature Film)

A disillusioned architect rediscovers Pop Aye, the elephant from his childhood, in the streets of Bangkok. Together they set off on a journey to the village where they grew up. Occasionally funny, occasionally moving road movie about two uprooted souls who meet the most colorful figures on their journey home.

Playing Lecuona (2017 Feature Film)

Cuban Latin-jazz pianist and composer Ernesto Lecuona left behind a rich musical inheritance some decades ago. Three Spanish-speaking contemporaries use stories and music to show how greatly the ‘Cuban Gershwin’ influenced their music. Homage to the legendary Lecuona, his work and the universal love of music we all share.