Black Mother (2018 Feature Film) Nominee

Life’s key elements come together in the colorful Jamaica portrayed by Khalik Allah. In this polyphonic film symphony, every inhabitant views their island paradise differently, be they prostitutes, graybeards, rappers, Rastafarians or pregnant women.

Beast (2018 Feature Film)

Against the backdrop of a series of unsolved murders on the island of Jersey, a relationship blossoms between Moll and Pascal. For her respectable family, he is the ultimate bad choice – and that seals their love. When the police suspect him, her support for him starts to adopt extreme forms.

Balekempa (The Bangle Seller) (2018 Feature Film)

A village bangle seller and his wife cannot conceive a child. The villagers gossip. In this close-knit patriarchal community in South India, hidden desires and relationships find a way to exist. Will the husband’s secret ever come out? An intriguing narrative in an elegantly directed debut with exceptional camera work.

Anna’s War (2018 Feature Film)

The horrific true story of Jewish Anna, a girl who somehow survived World War II in Ukraine, is of great beauty. The six-year old hid in a building commandeered by the Nazis. Fear of discovery by the guard dog keeps her imprisoned. Ode to the ingenuity and resilience of a child.

Alone in Berlin (2018 Feature Film)

When their only son dies in France, a working-class couple in World War II-era Berlin decides to retaliate by secretly leafletting handwritten cards in the city to urge people to protest against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Based on the 1947 novel Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada