10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


CIFFR Announces nominees Yellow Robin Award 2019

CIFFR is proud to announce the five nominees for the 7th Yellow Robin Award competition of the 8th edition of Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam that will take place from Wednesday 10 April through Sunday 14 April.

CIFFR is an initiative of the Curaçao based foundation Fundashon Bon Intenshon and is produced in cooperation with one of the largest film festivals of Europe: International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The Yellow Robin Award competition, started in 2013, offers talented emerging filmmakers from the Caribbean and Latin America a platform for talent development and a hub towards the world market.

The winning film is guaranteed screening at Morelia International Film Festival in Mexico in October of this year as well as in the Bright Future Program of International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2020. In addition to a cash prize of USD 2.500, the Award comes with USD 7.500 worth of talent development training by means of participation in programs such as BoostNL or Cinemart.

CIFFR is proud to announce the five nominees for the 7th Yellow Robin Award competition:

(The Winter Campaigns)

Rafael Ramirez | Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico| 2019 | Spanish | e.s.

Experimental filmmaker Rafael Ramírez takes Napoleon’s campaign to Russia as a starting point for his exceptional feature debut. He presents a singularly mundane reality, but also a disturbing universe of fantasy. Two worlds in conflict where the characters become mere symbols of representation – and a mysterious voice-over is the unique guide for the spectator to cross the border. A pure visual essay capable of challenging the viewer’s perception and understanding. A film made of drafts, of modeling and remodeling.

THU 11 APR 20:45 | SAT 13 APR 11.00 | SUN 14 APR 15:00



Camila Rodriguez Triana|Colombia, France | 2018 | Spanish | e.s.

En cenizas is based on a true story. Marco is a man who suffers from an identity disorder, as a consequence of the Colombian armed conflicts that forced him to change his identity multiple times. Set in a mysterious abandoned house, the film shows Marco finding objects that take him back to the encounter with fears and ghosts of the past. A world where old memories still coexist and Marco has to face them, in order to forget that he himself was part of the communist guerrillas. The truth will come to light and he will have to accept the sacrifice and failure of the revolution. Marco will lose everything.

FRI 12 APR 18:30 | SAT 13 APR 15.15 | SUN 14 APR 13:15



Dan Rubenstein | Argentina, Mexico, USA | 2018 | Spanish | e.s.

Writer and director Dan Rubenstein’s feature debut draws attention to Argentina’s abortion laws. 27-year-old Noemí Gold (Catalina Berarducci) has an unwanted pregnancy. After experiencing what she believes to be an allergic reaction to Misoprostol – commonly known as the abortion pill – Noemí seeks out the help of a gynecologist, who promptly reports her to the police. She is not charged with any crime, but she discovers she is still pregnant. This news coincides with the arrival of Noemí’s estranged cousin from Los Angeles, a social media ‘comedian’ with millions of followers and questionable talent. With little support from her roommate Rosa Betancourt (Martina Juncadella) and a circle of self-involved friends, Noemí has only herself to rely on while navigating her current desperate straits.

FRI 12 APR 20:45 | SAT 13 APR 20.00 | SUN 14 APR 10.30



Mauro Colombo | 2017 | Panama | Spanish | e.s.

In his documentary feature debut, filmmaker Mauro Colombo’s immerses himself in the Darién Gap, a dense and mysterious jungle that divides Panama and Colombia. At the dangerous border between these two countries, guerrillas, immigrants, indigenous people, farmers, drug traffickers, local police, and wild animals cross paths. Colombo approaches the jungle and its characters from an anthropological perspective, and focuses on finding meaning in this no man’s land, as a metaphor for the wildness within us.

FRI 12 APR 16:15 | SAT 13 APR 13:00 | SUN 14 APR 17:00


XQUIPI’ GUIE’DANI (Guie’dani’s Navel)

Xavi Sala | Mexico| 2018 | Zapotec,Spanish | e.s.

Xquipi’ Guie’dani is the feature debut by director and writer Xavi Sala. After an award-winning successful career in short films, the filmmaker tells the story of Guie’dani, a young indigenous Zapotec (Sótera Cruz) and her mother Lidia (Érika López) who move from their Oaxacan village to take up work with an upper-class family in Mexico City. The young girl doesn’t seem to fit into her new routine, and after meeting Claudia (Majo Alfaroh), a rebellious girl with whom she becomes close friends, she starts creating trouble for herself and her mother at their new home.

THU 11 APR 17:45 | FRI 12 APR 13:00| SUN 14 APR 18:45