10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


CIFFR announces Yellow Robin Award Nominees 2016

CIFFR is happy to announce this year’s five Nominees that are in the running for the annual Yellow Robin Award. Winner will be announced on Saturday 9 April at 19:00 and receives not only a cash prize of USD 10.000 but, perhaps even more important: screening in the Bright Future program section of International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2017.

Tickets for CIFFR 2016 go on sale at The Cinemas starting Saturday 2 April at 10:00.

Antes que cante el callo from Arí Maniel CRUZ (Puerto Rico)

Coming-of-age drama in which a Puerto Rican teen girl is living at her strict grandmother’s house, waiting until she can move to America to be with her mom. That gets cancelled. As she suffers and struggles with puberty, her natural father suddenly appears after years in prison.

Screens: FRI 8 APR 18:45 ● SAT 9 APR 10:30 ● SUN 10 APR 14:00

Ayiti mon amour from Guetty FELIN-COHEN (Haiti)

Well over five years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, the poverty-stricken island’s inhabitants feel abandoned by God and the rest of the world. What remains are the painful memories and hope for better days. However, luckily a dash of magic provides solace in this neo-realist fairy tale.

Screens: FRI 8 APR 21:45 ● SAT 9 APR 13:00 ● SUN 10 APR 18:45

Dar Noir from Hamadi MWAPACHU (Ethiopia)

The tough streets of Dar es Salaam aren’t getting any safer with the detective responsible more concerned with his own drug use and corruption than anything else. Until, that is, he meets a special prostitute and decides to make amends. But does he still have time to turn the tide of evil?

Screens: THU 7 APR 21:15 ● SAT 9 APR 15:30 ● SUN 10 APR 21:15

Good Friday from Harold DE VASTEN (Colombia)

If you have a sick child and no funds for a cure, you can only hope for a miracle. While the Colombian spouse seeks help through secular, political channels, his devout wife hopes for help from above. Miraculous drama with wry elements about compassion, hope and an odd miracle.

Screens: FRI 8 APR 16:30 ● SAT 9 APR 22:30 ● SUN 10 APR 11:30

A orillas del mar from Bladimir ABUD (Dominican Republic)

When dad disappears from their fishing village, his teen son goes in search of his missing parent. He even scours the city where the living is harder than he thought. Safety and unconditional parental love are hard to find in this social drama. However, the teen encounters humanity in the least expected places.

Screens: THU 7 APR 18:30 ● FRI 8 APR 14:00 ● SUN 10 APR 16:15