10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


CIFFR Mural 2020

Curaçao most certainly isn’t short of any color, but for the 9th edition of Curaçao IFFR it has also earned its tiger stripes. Together with students from different schools on the island, Garrick Marchena and Morgaine Parris have come to a powerful design for a mural. This design will celebrate almost 10 years of the IFFR Tiger finding a home on the island, where it now introduces us to a wide array of films. 

The students who are working on this project have been selected on their artistic abilities and as a representative of the rest of the youth on Curaçao. Before starting on the project they received workshops on preparing the mural and create different designs. The final design is being painted on the wall across from The Movies Otrobanda as a preparation for the 9th edition of the film festival. 

If you can’t wait till our festival officially kicks off on the 21st of April, we have a special preview for you of the Italian film Rosa pietra stella on the 1st of March at 3PM. Make sure to go and admire the finished art piece before or afterwards. If you want to, you can even make a picture with it and send it to us at info@curacaoiffr.com to show that you are part of our festival community. Please let us know whether you give permission to share your picture on our socials.