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Doubles vies (Non-Fiction) (2019 Feature Film)

Olivier Assayas | France | 2018 | color | DCP | 106′ | French | e.s.

In the Parisian publishing milieu, an editor and his author friend deal with midlife crises, wives, an industry threatened by social networks, and their own egos. Olivier Assayas (Personal Shopper, IFFR 2017) delivers his personal brand of screwball comedy, with sharp dialogues dissecting our modern age. 

Typically French, the well-heeled intellectuals in Doubles vies: if they’re not talking one another’s ears off, they’re jumping into bed together. Olivier Assayas has no trouble at all making a fresh, funny film from such material. His characters may come over as pompous – and at times insufferable – but this comedy drama is anything but. 

Publisher Alain (Guillaume Canet) and his wife Selena (Juliette Binoche) are doing their best to adapt to modern life. He is forced to cooperate in the digitization of the publishing sector, while she – once a stage actress – is acting in a long-running police series on television. With their friends, who include author Léonard (Vincent Macaigne), they discuss the changes taking place in their working lives. But is everything not just staying the same, really? Assayas seems increasingly critical of his protagonists; they are far too wrapped up in themselves to see where they should be heading.

Place: The Cinemas 5

Date: 13 April 2019

Time: 18:45

Duration: 1:25

Place: The Cinemas 5

Date: 14 April 2019

Time: 13:00

Duration: 1:25

Year in



Olivier Assayas


Yorick Le Saux


Guillaume Canet
Juliette Binoche
Vincent Macaigne
Nora Hamzawi
Christa Théret
Pascal Greggory




Simon Jacquet






Charles Gillibert

Production Company

CG Cinema

Production Design

François-Renaud Labarthe




Olivier Assayas

Sound Design

Nicolas Cantin
Daniel Sobrino
Aude Baudassé

Year of Production


Olivier ASSAYAS (1955, Frankrijk) volgde een opleiding aan de kunstacademie in Parijs en schreef voor het prestigieuze blad Cahiers du Cinéma. Ook regisseerde hij diverse korte en lange films, documentaires en tv-producties. Zijn speelfilmdebuut Désordre won in 1986 de prijs van de filmcritici in Venetië. Naast scenario’s schreef Assayas onder meer Conversation avec Bergman (1990). Vijf van zijn films werden inmiddels genomineerd voor een Gouden Palm in Cannes en Personal Shopper (2016) won er de (gedeelde) prijs voor Beste Regisseur.



(selection) Copyright (1979, short), Rectangle, deux chansons de Jacno (1980, short), Laissé inachevé à Tokyo (1982, short), Winston Tong en studio (1984, short), Désordre/Disorder (1986), L’enfant de l’hiver/Winter’s Child (1989), Paris s’éveille (1991), Une nouvelle vie/A new Life (1993), L’eau froide/Cold Water (1994), Irma Vep (1996), Hou Hsiao-hsien hua hsiang/HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-hsien (1997, doc), Fin août, début septembre/Late August, Early September (1998), Les destinées sentimentales (2000), Demonlover (2002), Clean (2004), Noise (2005, doc), Paris je t’aime (2006, short), Boarding Gate (2007), Chacun son cinema (2007, short), Eldorado (2008, doc), L’heure d’été/Summer Hours (2008), Carlos (2010, TV series), Après mai/Something in the Air (2012), Clouds of Sils Maria (2014), Personal Shopper (2016), Doubles Vies/Non-Fiction (2018)