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Jean of the Joneses (2017 Feature Film)

Pablo Larraín | USA | 2016 | 91 min | English | n.s.

“I won’t let you write that down”, Jackie says to her interviewer, a slight smile playing across her face, after getting too personal. However, we see it all, in this first English-language film by Chilean master Pablo Larraín, about Jackie Kennedy in the days after JFK’s assassination. The widely lauded Natalie Portman puts in an intense and intimate performance in the title role.

For his first English-language film, Pablo Larraín – who has established himself as the chronicler of Chile’s Pinochet era – takes on the murder of John F. Kennedy. But as seen from the perspective of his wife Jackie (the much-lauded Natalie Portman, who is almost constantly on screen). In a frame narrative, she talks as a widow to a journalist from Life magazine (Billy Crudup), while we see her husband’s murder in flashbacks, as well as the vehement discussions the First Lady conducts about this with officials and the succor she receives from John’s brother Bobby (Peter Sarsgaard), her PA (Greta Gerwig) and a priest (John Hurt).
As in No (2012), Larraín integrates archive footage into his film – for example, we see Portman walking around in the famous television broadcast A Tour of the White House. In the meantime, the screenplay by Noah Oppenheim (award-winner at the Venice film festival) creates an intimate, complex impression of fashion icon Jackie, who – insecure and headstrong, spoiled and servile, vulnerable and strong – always has JFK’s place in history in mind.

Place: CINEMA 1

Date: 7 April 2017

Time: 16:15

Duration: 1:10

Place: CINEMA 1

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 13:00

Duration: 1:15

Place: CINEMA 1

Date: 9 April 2017

Time: 12:00

Duration: 1:10

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Pablo Larraín


Stéphane Fontaine


Natalie Portman
Peter Sarsgaard
Billy Crudup
Greta Gerwig
John Hurt
Carroll Lynch




Sebastián Sepúlveda




91 min


Mica Levi


Juan de Dios Larraín / Fabula Producciones
Darren Aronofsky / Protozoa Pictures
Mickey Liddell / LD Entertainment
Scott Franklin / Protozoa Pictures
Ari Handel / Protozoa Pictures

Production Company

Jackie Productions

Production Design

Jean Rabasse




Noah Oppenheim

Sound Design

David Miranda

Year of Production


Pablo LARRAÍN (1976, Chile) studied Audio-Visual Communication at UNIACC University. He is a founding member of Fabula. In 2006 he made his debut film, Fuga. His second feature, Tony Manero, premiered in Cannes in 2008 and later won the KNF prize in Rotterdam. With his sequential films Post Mortem and No, he completed his trilogy about Chile under the Pinochet regime, and moved in a different but equally successful direction in 2015 with El Club. In 2016 he released two biographical films: Neruda, about the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and his English-language debut Jackie, about Jackie Kennedy Onassis.



Fuga (2006), Tony Manero (2008), Post Mortem (2010), Prófugos (2011, TV), No (2012), El Club (2015), Neruda (2016), Jackie (2016)