10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Audience favorites during second edition Curaçao IFFR

With over 8500, the second edition of Curaçao IFFR did not only surpass its 2012 success but made it also clear that the festival is truly alive on Curaçao. The presence of various international filmmakers gave the festival an extra dimension and was very much appreciated by the audience. In addition to the expected interest for Oscar winner Amour and openingfilm Blancanieves quite a number of other films, lesser known to the Curaçao audience, appealed to a large audience.

Curaçao loves music! The documentaries Searching for Sugar Man and Salsa Giants could count on a large, enthusiastic audience. The latter did not only get a standing ovation from the audience and but also an unexpected extra screening in response to the visitors’ great demand. This was to expected.. the documentary highlighted the already legendary concert of some ten giants from the world of salsa during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz festival of 2012. Exciting salsa music combined with beautiful images from the open-air concert on the island and ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with the musicians, where else than on Curaçao could Salsa Giants have had its world premiere?

The chairman of Fundashon Bon Intenshon, Gregory Elias’s message that the 2013 edition was dedicated to the deprived women in today’s world that still do not receive the respect and appreciation of the society they live in, was met with support from the audience. The films Lore, Il futuro, Maria full of grace and Blancanieves, with roles for strong women, were favorites. The film Wadjda turned out to be a most surprising favorite. This film by the first female director of Saudi-Arabia, Haifaa al Mansour, that tells the intimate story of a little girl with big dreams, and with universal and recognizable themes such as hope, courage and perseverance, attracted a large audience. The screenings were sold out within two days.

Fundashon Bon Intenshon sponsored the screening of Yo, también.for the parents’ association Totolika, for parents of mentally handicapped children. Director Alvaro Pastor was present to introduce the film and talk to the very interested audience afterwards. Due to great and enthusiastic demand from the audience an extra screening was set up that was sold out within a couple of hours.

The organization looks back at a very successful second edition. Curaçao has clearly fallen in love with the film festival! After a short break, the preparations for the third edition will start. We would love to see you back on April 3 – 6, 2014!

Alvaro Pastor with Mrs De Costa Gomez, founder and chairwoman of Totolika

Alvaro Pastor with Mrs De Costa Gomez, founder and chairwoman of Totolika

Pablo Berger (Blancanieves)

Extra screening Salsa Giants: editor Jorge Lozada and director Pablo Croce