10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

Fado (2016 Feature Film)

Jonas Rothlaender | Germany, Portugal | 2016 | 100 min | German | e.s.
Love mixed with jealousy is a poisonous combination. It already went wrong once between Fabian and Doro but she decides to give him one more chance. In Lisbon their relationship blossoms again. However, he inevitably falls back into his old pattern of suspicion and paranoia. With severe consequences.

Can you get a second chance in a relationship once it has gone wrong? Fabian thinks you can. He hopes you can. When a woman who looks strikingly like his former girlfriend Doro dies on his operating table, the young doctor decides to do everything he can to repair what had been broken. He travels after his ex-girlfriend to Lisbon, where she has accepted a job at an architect’s office. He finds a job, starts taking Portuguese lessons, sets himself up in an apartment and courts her. After some hesitation, Doro succumbs and love blossoms again. But Fabian soon reverts to his old pattern of suspicion, paranoia and accusation. Fado is a study in pathological jealousy, obsessive dependence and poisoned love. The urge to possess slowly but surely suffocates any form of affection and inevitably turns into blind aggression. The consequences are severe.

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 8 April 2016

Time: 22:00

Duration: 1:45

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 9 April 2016

Time: 10:15

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 10 April 2016

Time: 15:45

Duration: 1:45

Year in



Jonas Rothlaender


Alexander Hasskerl


Golo Euler
Luise Heyer
Albano Jeronimo
Pirjo Lonka
Rui Morrison
Isabel Abreu




Dietmar Kraus




100 min

Production Company

StickUp Filmproduktion
Primeira Idade

Production Design

Celeste Alves
Raquel da Silva


StickUp Filmproduktion


Sebastian Bleyl
Jonas Rothlaender

Sound Design

Julian Cropp

Year of Production



Jonas ROTHLAENDER (1982, Germany) wrote short stories while still a student, which have been published in anthologies. After graduating from the Film and Television Academy in Berlin, he wrote and directed several short films. Das Hemd/The Shirt (2010) was selected for Cannes. Fado (2016) is his feature film debut.



Kaperfahrt/Walk the Plank (short, 2010), Das Hemd/The Shirt (short, 2010), Jagdgründe/Hunting Grounds (short, 2011), Auf Anfang/Returning (short, 2014), Familie haben/Familiar Circles (docu, 2015), Fado (2016)