10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

3 Bellezas (2016 Feature Film)

Black(ish) comedy about the beauty cult in Venezuela where plastic surgery seems standard practice. When a mother’s obsession with beauty pageants goes too far, it causes a rift between her daughters. Who will become Miss República? And at what price?

45 Years (2016 Feature Film)

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay play the roles of their lives as a couple who end up in crisis immediately before their 45th wedding anniversary. An unexpected find reminds them of the past in a way that detracts from the ease of their current existence. As the party fast approaches, the spouses drift further apart.

El abrazo de la serpiente (Embrace of the Serpent) (2016 Feature Film)

Amazonia at the beginning of the 20th century. A time in which new territories are being mapped and local populations are oppressed. An unusual encounter takes place between two explorers and a shaman, who embark on a dangerous journey through the jungle together. Filmed in breath-taking black-and-white.

Alba (2016 Feature Film)

One of the best moments of the new year, this moving debut from Ecuador. Alba, phenomenally acted by Macarena Arias, is a shy girl aged eleven who goes to live with her solitary father when her mother has to go to hospital. As if the fuss at school and approaching puberty weren’t complicated enough.

Ali’s Boat (2016 Short Film)

When Sadik left Baghdad, his nephew Ali handed him an envelope and asked him not to open it until he reached his home in the Netherlands. In it there was a drawing of a boat.

Almacenados (Warehoused) (2016 Feature Film)

Mr Lino is going to retire and has to provide his young replacement Nin with a week’s on-the-job training. However, nothing ever seems to be done there, except clocking in, adhering to the rules set in stone and waiting until the trucks arrive to finally deliver some flagpoles. Absurdist comedy-drama about work mentality, societal roles and life as an employee and human.

An (2016 Feature Film)

Sweet red-bean paste – an – out of a can or homemade, it makes all the difference. Not only in your dorayaki pancakes, but in your life. That’s what a mirthless dorayaki seller learns from an elderly female cook. Director Kawase also asks the viewer for attention to beauty. Because after all, what use is cherry blossom if you never look up?

El apóstata (The Apostate) (2016 Feature Film)

Also in his first Spanish production, one can recognise the amiably ironic and occasionally absurd hand of the Uruguayan Veiroj (La vida útil/A Useful Life). A young man in Madrid (co-writer Alvaro Ogolla) wants to be struck from the lists of the Catholic Church. Alongside the problems that gives him, he wrestles with his family, life and love.

Ayiti mon amour (2016 Feature Film) Nominee

Well over five years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, the poverty-stricken island’s inhabitants feel abandoned by God and the rest of the world. What remains are the painful memories and hope for better days. However, luckily a dash of magic provides solace in this neo-realist fairy tale.

Carol (2016 Feature Film)

Rich Carol and the younger Therese fall in love, but their environment is hostile. Atmospheric, upsetting drama about an impossible love affair between two women during the conservative 1950s. Actors Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara were deservedly nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Cemetery of Splendour (Rak ti Khon Kaen) (2016 Feature Film)

In his most topical and politically charged film to date, Weerasathekul represents Thailand as a building that used to be a school, a place of study and contemplation, but which has changed into a hospital built on top of a cemetery, where the dead fight out their age-old battle at the expense of the living.

Chevalier (2016 Feature Film)

Six men on a pleasure craft enter the fray. The game is “who does it best”. Notebooks are taken out in order to keep track of literally everything: how everyone sleeps, talks, sports and plays. Men together. A dryly humorous and absurd new work by Attenberg director Tsangari.

Dans la maison (2016 Feature Film)

A 16-year old boy’s obsession for his classmate’s happy home life provides great fiction, yet leads to weird behaviour. His teacher Germain loves the voyeuristic stories: finally a student is writing something interesting! Smart, exciting film by French master storyteller Ozon. With Kristin Scott Thomas and Fabrice Luchini.

Dar Noir (2016 Feature Film) Nominee

The tough streets of Dar es Salaam aren’t getting any safer with the detective responsible more concerned with his own drug use and corruption than anything else. Until, that is, he meets a special prostitute and decides to make amends. But does he still have time to turn the tide of evil?

Dreadlocks Story (2016 Feature Film)

There is more to Rastafari than reggae music and smoking weed. This anthropological research documentary shines unique, far-reaching light on the meaning and historical background of Rastafarians: free thinkers who shaped their spiritual life after slavery, influenced by the Black Power movement and Indian sadhus.

Edmond (2016 Short Film)

A touching animation and black comedy about a man with cannibalistic tendencies. In his mind’s eye he seeks the source of his misery.