10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

Ali’s Boat (2016 Short Film)

When Sadik left Baghdad, his nephew Ali handed him an envelope and asked him not to open it until he reached his home in the Netherlands. In it there was a drawing of a boat.

Edmond (2016 Short Film)

A touching animation and black comedy about a man with cannibalistic tendencies. In his mind’s eye he seeks the source of his misery.

From Dirt (2016 Short Film)

After a difficult start, an intense, vulnerable relationship develops between a man and a woman. A rhythmic exploration of desire, intimacy and rejection.

Heart of a Monster (2016 Short Film)

A man goes out to battle a monster that has plagued his village for centuries. Filmed on location in Curaçao in cooperation with staff and students of art institute Instituto Buena Bista en CIFFR.

Ogasavara (2016 Short Film)

Murad and Masha are getting married. But their romantic date dynamite fishing takes a surprising turn. A whimsical tale of love, death and stop-motion.

Das Wad (2016 Short Film)

While the tide is out Jewish gold seeker Salomon finds a U-boat with his metal detector including its extremely old, yet still fanatical crew.