9th 8e editie: 10 april - 14 april 2019

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (2018 Feature Film)

By having an affair, Jewish Sarah and Palestinian Saleem risk much more than just their marriages. Their relationship attracts attention from the security services on both sides of the Israeli ‘wall’, who are convinced there’s more to it than mutual attraction.

Respeto (2018 Feature Film)

MUSIC CALLS_Here’s a film reminding us that true hiphop is political. In this era of extrajudicial killings under the reign of the current Phillipines president, Duterte, young Hendrix sets his sights on underground rap battles in the slums of Pandacan, Manila. But his true enemies don’t have ears for his words.

El silencio del viento (Silence of the Wind) (2018 Feature Film) Nominee

Director Álvaro Aponte-Centeno impresses with this beautiful drama of loss and hope. Dedicated Rafael doesn’t have time to mourn the death of his sister Carmen. Alongside caring for his mother and teenage daughter, he is also part of a human trafficking network. There is an endless stream of migrants seeking a better life in Puerto Rico.

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