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Home (2017 Feature Film)

Fien Troch | Belgium | 2016 | color | 103 min | English, Dutch | e.s.

Where and with whom do you feel at home? This is the theme the teenage friends and their families grapple with in Fien Troch’s latest drama. Who can you truly trust when you have nowhere left to turn? The tension is always palpable, partly thanks to Johnny Jewel’s seamlessly fitting soundtrack.

After youth detention, Kevin (17) briefly moves in with his cousin Sammie, where he is rapidly adopted by the latter’s friends. But why, Sammie’s mother increasingly wonders, can’t he return home to his mum and brother? Sammie’s friend John, who visits regularly, suffers the tyranny of his crazed mother and Sammie’s girlfriend feels attracted to Kevin. So there are all kinds of tension within the group when they are confronted by a truly horrific event.
This, Fien Troch’s fourth film, shot in a variety of formats, once again demonstrates her mastery of human drama in this story inspired by real events. From the opening scene onwards there’s an almost palpable tension between the characters, which is emphasized by the soundtrack by Johnny Jewel, who contributed to the 2011 soundtrack of Drive.

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 16:45

Duration: 1:15

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 11:00

Duration: 1:20

Year in



Fien Troch


Frank van den Eeden


Sebastian Van Dun
Mistral Guidotti
Loïc Batog
Lena Suijkerbuijk
Karlijn Sileghem
Els Deceukelier
Robby Cleiren




Nico Leunen




103 min


Johnny Jewel


Antonino Lombardo / Prime Time

Production Company

Prime Time


Doc & Film International


Fien Troch
Nico Leunen

Sound Design

Michel Schöpping

Year of Production


Fien TROCH (1978, Belgium) graduated from the film department of the Sint Lukas Academy in Brussels in 2000, where she later returned as a teacher. She acted in the French feature Saint-Cyr (2000) by Patricia Mazuy, made several short films and a number of television commercials. Her feature film debut Someone Else’s Happiness (2005) won the Golden Alexander for best film, best script and best actress (Ina Geerts) in Thessaloniki. Troch’s feature films Kid (2012) and Home (2016) also received awards at several film festivals.




Verbrande aarde (1998, short), Wooww (1999, short), Maria (2000, short), Cool Sam and Sweet Suzie (2001, short), Een ander zijn geluk/Someone Else’s Happiness (2005), Unspoken (2009), Kid (2012), Home (2016)