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Pela janela (A Window to Rosália) (2017 Feature Film)

Caroline Leone | Brazil, Argentina | 2017 | 87 min | Spanish, Portuguese | e.s.

Sensitive, heart-warming debut about a journey undertaken by a middle-aged brother and sister. As they set out from São Paulo, the unhappy Rosália is a shadow of her former self. But thanks to her dedicated brother José, during the journey to bustling Buenos Aires she regains the belief that life can be joyful.

Rosália (63) spends her days in silence as a production manager in an electronics factory. Following a merger, her services are no longer required and her world collapses. In desperation she turns to her brother José. But this does not come at a good time for him: he was about to drive a luxury car from São Paulo to Buenos Aires for his boss’s daughter. He can see only one solution: Rosália will have to accompany him on the 2200 kilometer journey. Reluctant and peevish, she is not ideal company, but as she takes in the stunning landscapes, Rosália gradually manages – also thanks to the devoted José – to relax and smile.

A Window to Rosália shows that taking a little distance from your everyday reality and feeling safe in pleasant company is sometimes all you need to feel good again. Director Caroline Leone wanted to focus on the complexity of human characters and humanity. Her positive, loving first feature film succeeds in this marvelously. Winner FIPRESCI Award.

Place: CINEMA 3

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 19:15

Duration: 1:05

Place: CINEMA 6

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 17:45

Duration: 1:07

Place: CINEMA 6

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 17:45

Duration: 1:07

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Caroline Leone


Claudio Leone


Cacá Amaral
Magali Biff




Anita Ramón
Caroline Leone




87 min


Sara Silveira / Dezenove Som e Imagens
Maria Ionescu / Dezenove Som e Imagens
Hernán Musaluppi / Rizoma Films
Natacha Cervi / Rizoma Films

Production Company

Dezenove Some Imagens
Rizoma Films

Production Design

Juan Giribaldi


Caravan Pass


Caroline Leone

Sound Design

Martin Grignaschi

Year of Production



Caroline LEONE (1981, Brazil) graduated in 2005 from the Film School FAAP in São Paulo. She wrote and directed two awarded short films. Dalva (2005), her first short, was shot during her film school years and won the Best Latin American Film Award at the 47th Bilbao International Film Festival in Spain, Best Narrative Film Award at the Film Gate International Film Festival and the New Talent Award at the 16th International Short Film Festival of São Paulo. A Window to Rosália (2017) is her first feature film and premiered at IFFR 2017.



Dalva (2005, short), Joyce (2007, short), Pela janela/A Window to Rosália (2017)