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No soy Lorena (2015 Feature Film)

Isidora Marras | Chile, Argentina | 2014 | 82 min | Spanish

Tense thriller in which a young Chilean actress is confronted with a bad case of mistaken identity. Creditors visit Olivia looking for Lorena Ruiz. But who is Lorena? And why is it so hard to prove that Olivia has nothing to do with the debts or this mysterious Lorena?

When Olivia gets a call from someone looking for a Lorena Ruiz it is mainly just annoying. Creditors and louche individuals are obviously queuing to see this mystery lady and Olivia can’t manage to convince them that she isn’t her.

The case of mistaken identity is an increasing burden on the young actress, who has trouble concentrating on her theatre rehearsals as it is; she just can’t seem to get to grips with her character. She is also worried about her mother who has Alzheimer’s and about working with her ex, the director of the play, which is proving exceptionally difficult.

Slowly, but surely Olivia’s life becomes an increasingly grim, Kafkaesque situation. She becomes completely obsessed with Lorena. Is it identity theft? And why is Lorena Ruiz impossible to find? Tense feature-film debut from Chilean Isidora Marras.

Place: The Cinemas 4

Date: 26 March 2015

Time: 18:30

Duration: 1:45

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 27 March 2015

Time: 21:45

Duration: 1:45

Year in



Isidora Marras


Eduardo Bunster


Loreto Aravena
Paulina García
Gabriela Aguilera
Maho Farías
Lautaro Delgado




Catalina Marín Duarte




82 min


Christian Basso

Production Company

Carrousel Films
Don Quijote Films

Production Design

Mayra Castro
Gustavo Daza


Isidora Marras
Catalina Calcagni

Sound Design

Diego Gat
Fernando Soldevila
Claudio Vargas

Year of Production


Isidora MARRAS (1986, Chili) werd geboren in Santiago en studeerde filmregie aan de Chileense Pontificia Universidad Católica. Ze maakte eerder een aantal korte films. No soy Lorena (2014) is haar speelfilmdebuut als regisseur.



Mirada a vapor (2008, short doc), En la Azotea (2008, short), No soy Lorena/I Am Not Lorena (2014)