10th edtion CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

Past Short Movies Big Stories winners

Winners 2016

Gula (4:23)
by Oscar Orjuela (Colombia)
Short Movies Big Stories Award 2016

Layo (3:06)
by Rovendley Welvaart (Curacao)
Runner-up 2016

Winners 2015

Distansia (4:58)
by Miguel Gonzalez Perret-Gentil and Elizabeth Francisco
Jury Award Fiction 2015
Audience Award 2015

Press on Marelly (4:59)
by Romeo Welvaart and Minchenou Welvaart
Jury Award Documentary Film 2015

Hasi manera bono sa (4:56)
by Selwyn de Wind
Jury Award Music Video 2015

Winners 2014

Sint Elisabeth (5:00)
by Anja Steffens, Ralph Durgaram and Yuri Kneppers
Jury Award Fiction Film 2014

Habri Bo Kurason (3:46)
by Ferdinand Rink
Jury Award Documentary 2014

The Heart of Creativity (3:42)
by Stacey Bohorquez
Jury Award Music Video 2014
Audience Award 2014

Obstacles (4:58)
Jury Honorable Mention 2014 (Fiction)

Winners 2013

La trinitaria Marchita (4:57)
by Inez Loods and Elyse Isebia
Jury Award Fiction Film 2013
Audience Award 2013

AnwarBeatz feat. Gilberto (3:31)
by Anwar Braaf and Gilberto Morishaw
Jury Award Music Video 2013

Winners 2012

Empty (4:18)
by Inez Loods and Elyse Isebia
Jury Award Music Video 2012

W.D.D.H (What the Deaf don’t Hear) (4:51)
by Benjamin Boyce and Kelsey Gittens
Jury Award Fiction Film 2012

Petroli (3:25)
by Vincent Lauffer
Jury Award Documentary 2012

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