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Perfetti sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) (2017 Feature Film)

Paolo Genovese | Italy | 2016 | color | DCP | 97 min | Italian | e.s.

When seven friends give each other control of their cell phones during an intimate supper, they all prove to harbor more secrets than they thought. This box-office hit from Italy is an intelligently written, bittersweet comedy about modern-day life and love, topped off with outstanding acting.

It all starts with an innocent question during a dinner party. “How many couples would split up if they checked each other’s phones?” This is followed by laughter, nervous fidgeting. Secrets? The couples don’t have any. No, really they don’t. Subsequently, the seven table companions decide to play a game. All the cell phones are placed on the table. Every incoming message or mail is read out loud. If a phone rings it has to be put on speaker. That’s bound to end badly, and it does, to great comedic effect in Perfetti sconosciuti. By the time the tiramisu is served, everyone’s secrets – minor and major – are out on the table.

Perfetti sconosciuti takes place on just a few square meters where a number of Italy’s best actors bicker, joke and cry through every imaginable emotion. The intelligently written script received an award at the Tribeca film festival. The Weinstein Company has already purchased the rights for an American remake.

Place: CINEMA 1

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 16:15

Duration: 1:15

Place: CINEMA 2

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 21:45

Duration: 1:12

Place: CINEMA 1

Date: 9 April 2017

Time: 17:00

Duration: 1:15

Year in



Paolo Genovese


Fabrizio Lucci


Giuseppe Battiston
Anna Foglietta
Marco Giallini
Edoardo Leo
Valerio Mastandrea
Alba Rohrwacher
Kasia Smutniak




Consuelo Catucci




97 min


Maurizio Filardo


Marco Belardi
Marco Giannoni

Production Company

Lotus Productions
Medusa Film
Leone Film Group

Production Design

Chiara Balducci


True Colours


Filippo Bologna
Paolo Costella
Paolo Genovese
Paola Mammini
Rolando Ravello

Sound Design

Umberto Montesanti

Year of Production



Paolo GENOVESE (1966, Italy) studied trade and economics, and made over 300 commercials before directing his debut film Incantesimo napoletano/A Neapolitan Spell together with Luca Miniero. His films have been screened at festivals around the world and some became huge successes such as his Immaturi comedies. His 10th film, Perfetti sconosciuti/Perfect Strangers attracted over 2.5 million people to cinemas across Italy.



(selection) Incantesimo Napoletano/A Neapolitan Spell (2002), Nessun messaggio in segreteria/Sorry, You Can’t Get Through! (2005), Viaggo in Italia – Una favola vera (2007, TV), Questa notte è ancora nostra (2008), La banda dei Babbi Natale (2010), Immaturi/The Immature (2011), Immaturi – Il viaggio (2012), Una famiglia perfetta (2012), Tutta colpa di Freud (2014), Sei mai stata sulla luna?/Ever Been to the Moon? (2015), Perfetti sconosciuti/Perfect Strangers (2016)