10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Poetry in Motion Theme Program

Today on World Poetry Day, CIFFR is proud to announce this year’s theme program: Poetry in Motion.

Poetry in Motion presents a selection of five feature films and documentaries in which the power of words changes the lives of those who speak them. In which writing is always an act of resistance and an act of love. Before screenings of Poetry in Motion theme films, there is a special presentation by local upcoming and established poets reading their own work or from well-known Curaçao poets.

One of the five titles in the Poetry in Motion theme program is: Astrid H. Roemer: The World Has Lost Face by Cindy Kerseborn.
In this literary-documentary homage, colleagues, linguists, and renowned Surinamese-Dutch author Astrid Roemer herself explain her work. For the past 15 years, all Roemer possessed was her Persian cat, a laptop, and a rucksack. She had isolated herself from the world and no one knew where she was. Her word art was more important than interpersonal relationships or a place to put down roots. Filmmaker Cindy Kerseborn managed to track her down and get her talking.

In May 2016, Roemer received the Dutch language literary lifetime achievement P.C. Hooft Award. This cinematic portrait is the third documentary by Cindy Kerseborn in a triptych about Surinamese and Caribbean authors. Previously she released a film about Edgar Cairo and Frank Martinus Arion: Yu di Korsou (CIFFR 2014).

Astrid H. Roemer: The World Has Lost Face   FILMMAKER PRESENT
FRI 7 APR 20:00 & SUN 9 APR 16:15

Full film line-up for the 6th edition will be announced Thursday 30 March. Tickets sale at The Cinemas starts Saturday 1 April at 10:00.