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Poetry Is an Island, Derek Walcott (2015 Feature Film)

Ida Does | Netherlands, Aruba | 2013 | 80 min | English

Everything in poet Derek Walcott’s work exudes the Caribbean: its nature, light, sea and people. In this intimate portrait of the Nobel Prizewinner from St. Lucia, friends, family, other poets such as Seamus Heaney as well as Walcott himself discuss his work and life.

Poet, playwright, author and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott (1930) is a Caribbean son from St. Lucia. His work embodies the beauty of the island and its inhabitants. The awarding of the Nobel Prize was seen by many as recognition for Creole and Caribbean cultures.

Filmmaker Ida Does, who previously shot films about the prominent Surinamese Anton de Kom and Henri Frans de Ziel, alias Trefossa, composed a careful, intimate portrait of the boy from St. Lucia. His studio, his current home and the house where he was born are the backdrop for open-hearted interviews with friends, family and staff.

The moving speech he delivered in 1992 upon receipt of the Nobel Prize is a recurring theme in the film. However, its true lead is of course the poetry, the art and their importance for every community: ‘Poetry is an island that breaks away from the main.’

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 27 March 2015

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Date: 28 March 2015

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Duration: 1:30

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Ida Does

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Ida Does

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Ida DOES (Suriname) was eindredacteur en journalist voor diverse media in Nederland, Suriname en Aruba. Verder was ze werkzaam voor VPRO Radio (De Avonden), als correspondent voor Wereldnet en als programmamaker voor TV West. Sinds 2007 werkt Does als zelfstandig documentairemaker en producent. Ze maakte eerder films over prominente Surinamers; Anton de Kom en Trefossa.



Mi a no mi – ik ben niet ik, Trefossa/I Am Not I, Trefossa (2008, short doc), Plekken van herinnering (2008, short doc), Ik ben een indo ja en zo wil ik leven (2008, short doc), Vandaag schijnt de zon, levensbericht van Anton de Kom 1898-1945 (2009, short doc), De schreeuw van Bastion Veere (2009, short doc), Ik zie een vrouw – het mamaverhalenkoor (2009, short doc), Portraits of FourWomanArtists of Aruba (2010, short doc), Den Haag, stad van monumenten (2011, short doc), Bon Bini in Amsterdam (2011, TV), Vrede – Herinneringen aan Anton de Kom/Peace – Memories of Anton de Kom (2012, short doc), LagaBai (2012, short doc), Poetry is an Island, Derek Walcott (2013, doc)