10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Registration School Screenings Now Open

The 7th edition of CIFFR is approaching and so are the annual school screenings for elementary and high schools!

The festival is the ideal place where teachers and students can immerse themselves in a colorful film universe. The CIFFR films offer students a cultural window on the world. Students learn to look critically and comprehensively and, through film, sympathize with stories and characters from all over the world. An indelible experience in which watching film takes on a whole new meaning!

The school performances take place on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April.

Teachers can register their class(es) online through this Registration Form no later than 26 March.

The exciting Norwegian coming-of-age film OPERATIE NOORDPOOL from Grethe Bøe-Waal will be screened for elementary schools.

Due to a misunderstanding, three children end up on a deserted island in the Arctic Ocean. Their disappearance is quickly noticed; but no one has any idea where the children could be! The days pass while the children must somehow manage to survive. It is already October and winter storms are coming while the sun hardly comes out. What do you do when a hungry polar bear suddenly turns up? How do make contact with the civilized world? And how do you get food? Watch the trailer > https://youtu.be/7YdUg2adOTc

For high schools, the South African coming-of-age film WIZARD from Kagiso Lediga has been chosen.

WIZARD is a hilarious, contemporary and flashy fairy tale, told by three relative outsiders who observe and comment on the world from their veranda. Between the jokes and bizarre events, the filmmaker/stand-up comedian Kagiso Lediga also shows harsh life in the townships. Watch the trailer here > https://youtu.be/iLxQDzNXXHM