10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Short Movies, Big Stories 2014

Also for its 3rd edition in April 2014, Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (Curaçao IFFR) organizes the now familiar short film competition Short Movies, BIG Stories (SMBS). There are a few changes so read the full Terms & Conditions carefully.

Who can participate?

  • The competition is open for residents of Curaçao only of all ages. NEW!
  • Participation is FREE.

What should you do?

  • Make a short movies in one of the below mentioned genres. Minimum length is 3 minutes, maximum length is 5 minutes, incl. credits) NEW!
  • The subject must fit within one of the 2014 themes.
  • Only one (1) film may be submitted per individual or team of max. 3 people.

How and when to submit your film.
Submission period is from November 1, 2013 till midnight on February 28, 2014 via the free account on the website www.curacaoiffr.com. Please state your name, contact details, title and copyright holder information of the music used in the film.
All submission will be posted on the Curaçao IFFR YouTube channel. NEW!

What are the genres?

  1. Fiction– a staged story played by actors;
  2. Documentary– a story about a specific subject, told through images and interviews that have not been staged;
  3. Music video – a montage of images and music that tell a story;
  4. Animation– the illusion of movement by consecutively playing back still images, so-called frames.

Themes for the 2014 edition and explanation: NEW!

  1. Once Upon a Time… – from fantasy to historiography…
  2. Some Like it Hot –from flamingos on the salt pans, tourist on a sunny beach, to spicy food and passioned love…
  3. Pitch Perfect –pitch has different meanings in different contexts from business or sports to music and architecture….

The Awards

  1. Jury Award
    1. The Jury selects one (1) winner per genre (unless the quality of the films in a certain genre is below standard).
    2. The Jury Award winner(s) gains eternal glory and a cash prize of ANG 1,000.- (team members divide the prize amongst themselves).
  2. Audience Award

The max. four Jury Award winning films will be screened during Curaçao IFFR 2014 where the audience is invited to vote for their favorite. Winner of the Audience Award is the film with the most votes. The Award consists of a fully paid trip to the Netherlands to attend the IFFR 2015 for each team member (max. three people).

The Judging
Your movie will be judged on the following:

  1. Originality and creativity
  2. Theme development: How have you incorporated the chosen theme into the movie?
  3. The script: Make sure the story and/or message is clear.
  4. Image and sound technique: Use the camera and microphone as a tool to enhance your story and/or message.
  5. Direction: From the spot where you place your camera to record to the font you use for the credits; in a movie everything has a purpose and reason. Make sure that all these choices work together to enhance your story and/or message.
  6. Montage: How have you edited the images you shot? Does the order make sense?

In case of question please contact us by email: info@curacaoiffr.com