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The Insult (2018 Feature Film)

Ziad DOUEIRI | France, Lebanon | 2017 | color | DCP | 113′ | Arabic | e.s.

It starts as a minor altercation between hot-tempered Lebanese-Christian Toni and Palestinian-born contractor Yasser. But their quarrel escalates to a national crisis when it ends up in a court case that leads to a media storm. It becomes apparent that the old wounds of the Lebanese Civil War have not yet healed.

It all starts so low-key. Some water leaks from Toni’s balcony onto the contractor Yasser. He says something about it and Toni curses back. An ordinary quarrel like so many, every day. But this is Beirut, and Toni and Yasser stand on different sides of a deep political, cultural and religious rift.

As a result, their personal feud quickly escalates into a national commotion. Hot-tempered Toni is a Christian, from a group that feels increasingly threatened in today’s Lebanon. Yasser is a Palestinian refugee. Both feel personally hurt by the insults the other throws at them. The two are forced to face up to their deep-rooted prejudice.
Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri shot his previous film, The Attack, in Israel – and this also resulted in a furore in his homeland. This time he aims his arrows at Lebanon itself, where the old wounds of the Civil War that ended in 1990 are ignored but in fact are still painfully open.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 12 April 2018

Time: 13:45

Duration: 1:25

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 14 April 2018

Time: 16:30

Duration: 1:25

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 15 April 2018

Time: 11:00

Duration: 1:25

Year in





Tommaso Fiorilli


Adel Karam
Kamel El Basha
Camille Salameh
Diamand Abou Abboud
Rita Hayek
Alal El Jurdi
Christine Choueiri




Dominique Marcombe






Éric Neveux


Jean Bréhat
Rachid Bouchareb
Antoun Sehnaoui
Charles S. Cohen
Julie Gayet
Nadia Turincev

Production Company

3B Productions
Ezekiel Films Limited
Tessalit Productions
Rouge International

Production Design

Hussein Baydoun


Indie Sales


Ziad Doueiri
Joëlle Touma

Sound Design

Guilhem Donzel
Olivier Walczak
Sebastien Wera
Bruno Mercere

Year of Production


Ziad DOUEIRI (1963, Libanon) verhuisde naar de Verenigde Staten tijdens de Libanese Burgeroorlog en volgde een filmopleiding aan de San Diego State University. Daarna werkte hij als assistent-cameraman voor onder andere Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs en Pulp Fiction. In 1998 maakt hij zijn eerste speelfilm À l’abri les enfants (1998), die vele prijzen won in Cannes, Toronto, Taipei en Brussel. Daarna maakte Doueiri de bekroonde Lila dit ça (2004), The Attack (2012) en één aflevering van de tv-serie Baron noir (2015). In 2017 regisseerde hij The Insult, die in Venetië zijn wereldpremière beleefde. De film is de officiële Libanese inzending voor de Oscars.



À l’abri les enfants/West Beyrouth (1998), Lila dit ça (2004), The Attack (2012), Baron noir (2015, TV series), L’insulte/The Insult (2017)