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tirisia, La (2015 Feature Film)

Jorge Pérez Solano | Mexico | 2014 | 110 min | Spanish

This film has won several prizes with its beautiful camerawork. It is set in the surreal, sensual landscape of Oaxaca, Mexico. There, in a remote village where the rest of the world feels far away, two women are made pregnant by the same man - and he is not married to either of them.

In a remote corner of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico, between the towering cactuses and enormous salt flats, Cheba is pregnant by her neighbor, the salt producer Silvestre, who spends most of the day staring at aircraft flying towards the United States. Soon after she has her baby, Cheba’s husband returns from the United States after years away. The child has already been housed by Silvestre with his wife Ángeles.

The beautifully framed and photographed Perpetual Sadness forms a duet with Spiral from 2008, in which Jorge Pérez Solano focuses on the consequences of emigration for those who stay behind in Mexico, especially for the women. Without a husband, they are powerless according to local custom, which plays a prominent role in Perpetual Sadness; single mothers are considered to be social failures. They also can’t count on any understanding of their need for physical, sexual attention. A penetrating social-realist drama that has already won several awards.

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 26 March 2015

Time: 21:15

Duration: 2:00

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 28 March 2015

Time: 13:30

Duration: 2:00

Year in



Jorge Pérez Solano


César Gutiérrez Miranda


Gustavo Sánchez Parra
Adriana Paz
Noé Hernández
Alfredo Herrera
Gabriela Cartol
Mercedes Hernández


Francisco X. Rivera




110 min


Ruben Luengas


César Gutiérrez Miranda
Jorge Pérez Solano

Production Company

Lola Ovando

Production Design

Galileo Galaz


Media Luna New Films


Jorge Pérez Solano

Year of Production



Jorge PÉREZ SOLANO (1964, Mexico) is producent, scenarist en regisseur. In zijn films richt hij zich met name op vraagstukken rond migratie, corruptie en sociale uitsluiting.



El señor del honguito (1991, short doc), Duermevela (1991, short), Playback (1992, short), En ambiente (1998, TV), Espiral/Spiral (2008), La tirisia/Perpetual Sadness (2014)