10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival

For the first time, the final of the UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival will be held during Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (CIFFR). Films that were conceived and made by children themselves will be screened during the seventh edition of the festival that takes place from 11 through 15 April. The final of this children’s film festival takes place on Saturday 14 April.

Over the past few months, various schools on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba and on Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao have worked for the UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival. Children made films about a child right that they think is most important. The team with the best film of the island is allowed to go to the final.

UNICEF Netherlands is pleased with the cooperation with CIFFR, says Melody Liefhebber, project leader at UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival: “Screening during CIFFR of the films made by the children themselves, contribute to their self-confidence. We are pleased that in this way CIFFR contributes to the education of Caribbean youth.”

CIFFR is also enthusiastic about the collaboration: “With the Child Rights films, we want to raise awareness among children. By seeing sad or funny stories, they realize that life that is self-evident to them may be different for many children,” says Percy Pinedo.

With the UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival, UNICEF Netherlands wants to increase knowledge and awareness of child rights with children, parents, and schools in a creative and interactive way. This way, children can stand up for child rights together with adults. The UNICEF Child Rights Film Festival is made possible by the Dutch Representation on Curaçao and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. In addition, UNICEF works together with local partners on Curaçao.