10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


CIFFR Capture Caribbean Jury Awards 2016

This year, the annual photography competition was open to photographers not only from Curacao, but also from Aruba, St Maarten, BES, and Suriname. The organization received many entries from all these islands and countries. Congratulations to all Capture Caribbean participants for sending us your most beautiful photos! The jury emphasizes that all entries were of very high quality, but a choice had to be made.

The winners of the Jury Awards for Capture Caribbean are:

Theme: As Is Where Is
Sunset at Boka Sami by Hans van Leeuwen, Curacao.
A familiar image of a newcomer eager to participate but looking on from a distance first.

Theme: Angle
Voyeur by Therry Michel Basquiat, St Maarten.
A creative interpretation of this theme; the viewer views not only from an angle but from a position as ‘voyeur’.

Theme: Frame-Set-Contrast
Blissful Sunset by Michael Doran, Curacao.
The person is standing in the doorframe. The color of the background color forms a whole with the air and creates a beautiful and exciting image. The photo raises questions.

Theme: Blow Up
Wind Energy by Lex Corbach, Aruba.
A beautiful image and wonderful composition as if the rock is continued in the water.

Theme Night Watch
Match at Midnight by Hans van Leeuwen, Curacao.
The main person looks like a ranger, the expression on his face suggests he is scanning his surroundings. A beautiful composition and lighting.