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Curaçao IFFR Announces Yellow Robin Award Nominees for 2014

Curaçao IFFR Announces Yellow Robin Award Nominees for 2014The third edition of Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam is only three weeks away and it’s time for another announcement. This time we present the five nominees for the Yellow Robin Award competition.

The competition, established last year, intends to offer new films and filmmakers a hospitable platform and, in cooperation with IFFR the Netherlands, support and contribute to their careers by offering a stepping stone to the worldwide (film) market. The winner of the Yellow Robin Award competition will receive US$ 10,000 and guaranteed screening of the film at the next edition of IFFR in the Netherlands in 2015.

The nominees for the Yellow Robin Award 2014 are:

Abo so – Juan Francisco Pardo (Aruba)

An Aruban West Side Story? A musical drama about the impossible love between Tatiana and Santiago. With music from the legendary Padú del Caribe, who wrote a number of songs especially for the film.

Difret – Zeresenay Berhane Mehari (Ethiopia, USA)

The shocking true story of Hirut, a young Ethiopian girl, who shot her kidnapper and rapist. She is helped by a courageous lawyer from the big city, but even the latter is in danger.

Filosofía natural del amor – Sebastián Hiriart (Costa Rica, Mexico)

Essay on love and lust in all their beauty and destructiveness. A mosaic of fictions are interlarded with interviews in which couples openly discuss their relationships.

God Loves the Fighter – Damian Marcano (Trinidad & Tobago)

Raw, realistic take on life in the eastern part of Port of Spain, Trinidad. Young Charlie wants to do the right thing, but has to try and survive this concrete jungle. Good and evil meet on a particular fateful night.

Al sur de la inocencia – Héctor M. Valdez (Dominican Republic)

After a traumatic event at their parental home, a young man and his stepsister depart for the south of the Dominican Republic with a photographer they don’t know. During this enervating, adventurous road trip, it proves to be increasingly hard to avoid the painful truth behind their flight.

All nominated films will be screened during the third Curaçao IFFR (April 2-6) for both the audience and an international jury of three.

The winner will be announced during the Awards Show in The Cinemas on Saturday, April 5 at 19:00 hrs.