10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Kick-off Second Edition Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam on 28 March

The Curaçao IFFR (4-7) will kick-off its second edition with the screening of the film NO, the third film about the Chilean dictatorship of general Pinochet, that lasted from 1973 to 1990, by director Pablo Larraín, at The Cinemas on Thursday 28 March.

After portraying life under the dictatorship (Tony Manero, 2008) and how it started (Post Mortem, 2010), he now shows the deathblow for Pinochet’s regime: the pro-democratic ‘No’ vote in a referendum held in 1988. The lead in NO is for Gael García Bernal who as a commercial advertising man doesn’t know much about politics. But when the pessimistic opposition is allowed to hold a referendum on Pinochet, he knows one thing for sure: ‘No’ can only win with a happy campaign. For this film, Larraín used a reportage style in which original news and advertising images have been integrated seamlessly into the film.

Immediately after the screening of this film, the full film program will be announced with the presentation of the Curaçao IFFR 2013 magazine. Tickets for NO can be purchased at the Central Box Office at The Cinemas.

After the immensely succesful first edition, the organization is happy to respond to the public’s great demand and this year brings even more international, innovative and independent films to Curaçao. The organization has decided to give you a sneak-peek at the program by already announcing four titles.

Of course, the winner of the Palm d’Or in Cannes and the Oscar for Best Foreign Film cannot be missing from the festival. In the French film “Amour” director Michael Haneke pares to the bone in telling this heartrending, realistic story of old age, love and the inevitability of death.

From India, we bring you “Valley of Saints” from independent filmmaker Musa Syeed, a compelling human drama that is situated in Srinagar, at the Dal Lake in conflict-ridden Kashmir. The young boatman Gulzar tries to escape the violence in Kashmir, but is caught because of a military curfew and thus must return to the lake.

The Kenyan Oscar nomination “Nairobi Half Life” and also debut film from director David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga is about a young actor form a peasant village in Kenya who accidentally ends up in the world of crime in Nairobi. A catchy comedy, filled with unlikely plot turns and the colorful realism of real African life.

“The Ultimate Pranx Case” In 2010, three American friends decided to play a prank on a girl and to share that via a live stream on their website. What started as a reasonably innocent prank got completely out of hand, with these confrontational recordings as evidence.

Both “Nairobi Half Life” and “The Ultimate Pranx Case” are also part of the special screenings for schools on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 April.

Ticket sales for the second edition of the Curaçao IFFR start at The Cinemas on Saturday 30 March at 12:00 hrs.