FILM DAYS limited edition – 21 – 23 April 2023


When will the FILM DAYS take place?

The FILM DAYS will take place Friday 21 April through Sunday 23 April 2023 in Movies Otrobanda

When will the program for the FILM DAYS be published?
The film program is to be found through this link. We will also publish this on our Facebook en Instagram page.

What is the ticket price for the FILM DAYS?
Regular ticket price is ANG 18.50 (per person/per screening).

What are the opening hours of the Box Office for FILM DAYS?

Ticket sale starts Monday April 10th at The Movies Otrobanda. Opening hours of the Box office:
Monday till Friday from 4PM to 10PM
Saturday & Sunday from 1:45PM to 10PM

Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes tickets can be purchased  online through: The ticket sale will start April 10 2023.

Where will the FILM DAYS be held?
The festival will take place at one central location: The Movies Otrobanda at Renaissance Mall, Otrobanda. 

How do I stay up to date on FILM DAYS news?
The Curaçao IFF digital newsletter will keep you up to date about any news. Meld u hier aan. Ook kunt u ons volgen via Facebook en Instagram.

Ik zou graag als vrijwilliger mee willen doen aan het festival. Is dat mogelijk?

Voorafgaand en tijdens de festival week kunnen we altijd extra mensen gebruiken en we stellen uw hulp zeer prijs! Stuur ons een bericht via als u ons vrijwilligersteam wilt komen versterken.

Ik ben filmmaker. Hoe stuur ik mijn film in?
This year there will be no competition. In 2024 we will have a full festival again with competitions. 

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Last updated on March 29 2023

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