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Xquipi’ Guie’dani (Guie’dani’s Navel) (2019 Feature Film)

Xavi Sala | Mexico | 2018 | color | DCP | 119′ | Zapotec, Spanish | e.s.

This feature debut by director, writer and producer Xavi Sala tells the story of a young, indigenous Zapotec girl (Sótera Cruz) and her mother Lidia (Érika López), who move from their Oaxacan village to take up work with an upper-class family in Mexico City.

Xquipi’ Guie’dani is the feature debut by director, screenwriter and producer Xavi Sala. After an award-winning and successful career in short films, the filmmaker tells the story of Guie’dani, a young, indigenous Zapotec (Sótera Cruz) and her mother Lidia (Érika López), who move from their Oaxacan village to take up work with an upper-class family in Mexico City. The young lady doesn’t seem to fit into her new routine, and after meeting Claudia (Majo Alfaroh) – a rebellious girl with whom she becomes close friends – she starts creating trouble for herself and her mother at their new home.

Sala creates a strong portrait of Guie’dani, who fights for dignity and equality in a contemporary Mexican society, while she tries to understand her place in the world. The film touches on themes as identity, classism, and race discrimination, and provokes deep reflections about human behavior in our times.

Place: The Cinemas 6

Date: 11 April 2019

Time: 17:45

Duration: 1:32

Place: The Cinemas 6

Date: 12 April 2019

Time: 13:00

Duration: 1:32

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Xavi Sala


Martín Boege
Alberto Anaya Adalid
Ricardo Garfias


Sótera Cruz




Aldo Álvarez Morales






Xavi Sala

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Xavi Sala p.c.

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Xavi Sala p.c.


Xavi Sala p.c.


Xavi Sala

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Xavi SALA geboren in Alacant (Catalan Countries) maar genaturaliseerd Mexicaan, voltooide een opleiding journalistiek voordat hij naam maakte als regisseur, scenarist en producent. Hij maakte verschillende korte films die werden vertoond op vele filmfestivals, waaronder Berlijn, San Sebastian en Guadalajara. Het leverde hem talloze prijzen op. Xquipi ‘Guie’dani is zijn eerste speelfilm en won twee prijzen op het Morelia Film Festival in Mexico.



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