Speed Walking (2015 Feature Film)

Bitter-sweet coming-of-age comedy about 14-year-old Martin. The sudden death of his mother puts his rite of passage from boy to man in a higher gear. With 1970s clothing and music, racing hormones and refined supporting roles from Borgen stars Sidse Babett Knudsen and Pilou Asbaek.

Sin alas (2015 Feature Film) Nominee

When 70-year old, retired journalist Luis Vargas reads that celebrated ballerina Isabela Muñoz has died, his thoughts return to his brief, passionate, yet impossible relationship with her. Love story with great music and lots of local color.

Shtetl in the Caribbean, A (2015 Feature Film)

Documentary in which two Jewish childhood friends from Curaçao travel to Ukraine and Belarus in search of their roots. Their families fled home during the Holocaust to secure safe futures for their children. How did these wartime refugees end up on the exotic Caribbean island?

Salgán & Salgán: A Father-Son Tango (2015 Feature Film)

Fascinating, moving portrait of the exceptional relationship between father and son Salgán: one a famous tango composer, the other a racing driver and pianist always overshadowed by his father. Can two, strong, independent personalities relate after years of no contact? Replete with beautiful tango music by father and son.

Renny Show, The (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Little White Lie. Short drama in which an eccentric TV personality suitably concludes his career with a farewell party. All the masked guests are shadows from his notorious, eventful past.

Relatos salvajes (2015 Feature Film)

What happens when people end up in situations that quickly make them blow their top? In this collection of deeply cynical, comedic tales, thoroughly frustrated people varying from annoyed road users and ignored citizens to betrayed spouses go to extremes to get revenge.

Rebecca’s Story (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Partes de una familia. Short, nuanced drama in which Rebecca discovers that there is a reason for granny’s sharp tongue and the harsh upbringing she provides.

Quantum. (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Alive Inside. Spotlighting this small Italian mountain village brings a variety of hidden activities to light.