10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024


Water dances and flows with perfect rhythm until its journey is interrupted by humans. The brilliantly illustrated short film is not guided by a red thread, but by a blue drop.


In the Chontal language of Oaxaca, Ajá means water. This cinematic essay explores and reinterprets the Chonta, the mystical rain ceremony of the people. This audiovisual creation was made by the filmmaker in honour of his late uncle Simitrio, a healer, musician and prayer. Simitrio will guide the
viewer with his narration


A grandmother warns her 10-year-old grandson, who is visiting her in Suriname, not to go out after dark. There is a vampire-like figure, an ‘asema’, who likes to eat children. He meets a neighborhood boy who tells him that the new crazy lady who lives next door to him is an ‘asema’.


Made for CIFF Project ‘Moments’where Youth are producing their own film with their smartphone, under direction of Anja van Bergen by Shandra Lanoy, Rodangelo de la Cruz, Joheidiene Floranus.

Buskando Juni

Juni is missing and his mother will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. On the other hand, is Juni really that good of a son?


Winner of the Public Choice Award, Best Movie, Best Director at 48 Hour Movie Project Curaçao.While a school principal refuses to address allegations of abuse at his school, strange things begin to happen to him.

La Última Ascención

Every day a young fisherman goes to the rocky coast of Curaçao to catch fish, although his mother doesn’t want him to. There he meets an apparition from the pre-colonial world. Wordless encounters follow, full of magic, ritual, and synchronicity.

Manchá ku goso

Manchá ku goso is a surrealistic exploration of self-forgiveness and compassion. The characters discover that true self-love isn’t about erasing flaws, but embracing them as part of one’s identity.

Roba Alma

Roba Alma delves into the intricate familial bonds within a quaint community steeped in superstition. Set amidst the rustic charm of Boca Samí during the 1990s, the narrative follows 19-year-old Markieta as she navigates the rhythms of her family´s fishing enterprise. Her fervent love for photography eclipses her responsibilities, igniting tensions with her sister Ivy and amplifying their already complex relationship.


This is the story of a husband and wife, with the woman trapped in a male-dominated society and the man trapped in his own macho behaviour. A simple, uncomplicated story that underlines the grip of a male dominant system around women.

Santos Inocentes

Her and Him live together and love each other. Him wants to have kids and Her is not so sure. Everything changes when Him believes Her is pregnant. Him realizes that maybe having kids with Her, is no quite what he really wants.

Someone lied on the roommate form

Roommates ShaClean O’Neil and Lionel Messy have a catastrophic clash over cleanliness. As they try to come to terms with their different and conflicting characters and lifestyles, we see the roommates in imaginative scenes as opponents and rivals in various forms.

The Gap

The Gap was born out of a series of workshops with students during a residency at Instituto Buena Vista on the island of Curaçao. Two queer friends are slowly exploring the island when they find a message in a bottle on the beach.


Watamula is where Curaçao breathes. It is also the destination of René, who emerges from a river and stumbles on his way. As he encounters sharp thorns and sweet rosebuds, rejection and consolation, he
clings to the amulet given to him at birth.