8th edition: 10 April – 14 April 2019

Winter Sleep (2015 Feature Film)

Razor-sharp character study of self-satisfied intellectual Aydin, who lives at the tourist hotel in Cappadocia he inherited from his father with his young, deeply unhappy wife and his recently divorced, lethargic sister. Palme d’Or and FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes festival.

WIND (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Locke. Short, prize-winning animation with dry humour about the inhabitants of a stormy country who have turned the difficult situation into an advantage by adapting.

Whiplash (2015 Feature Film)

A music film along the lines of a sports movie, with a dash of horror. Up-and-coming drumming talent Andrew is mentored by merciless jazz teacher Fletcher, who goes to sadistic lengths to get the best out of his students. How much humiliation can Andrew stand to achieve his dream?

Waiting for News (2015 Short Film)

Screens before: Labour of Love. Only a boy from Papua could hang from a climbing frame like this. He’s elated because his big brother Hans called. Elegant glimpse of real life at an orphanage.

Viva la libertà (2015 Feature Film)

Toni Servillo (La grande bellezza) is fabulous in this political satire. He plays the leader of Italy’s largest opposition party, who runs away shortly before the elections and his twin, a philosopher who has just been released from a mental health institution.

Vertigo (2015 Feature Film)

Everything’s about doubles in this masterpiece by the ‘master of suspense’, which since 2012 is officially the best film of all time. A detective who retired because his vertigo made work impossible falls in love with his friend’s wife. After her death, he foists his obsession with her onto her double.

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