10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

Rafiki (2019 Feature Film)

“Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives”, is what Kena and Ziki have heard all their young lives. But they want fun and adventure. And apparently not to be ‘good’, because they fall in love, to the dismay of those around them. A sparkling film in ‘Afrobubblegum’ style, in the words of director Wanuri Kahiu.

Shoplifters (Manbiki kazoku) (2019 Feature Film)

A poor Japanese ‘family’ takes in a needy, young girl. They compensate for their lack of money with tenderness, compassion and unconditional love. Unfortunately, there is scant room in Japanese society for such informal family systems. The shoplifters have to be careful not to be caught, because there is much more at stake than just a fine.

Sofia (2019 Feature Film)

Sofia, a Moroccan girl, is 20, unmarried and almost a mother – and didn’t even know she was pregnant. The unexpected birth causes major problems in a country where sex outside marriage is a criminal offence. Powerful feature debut that throws a composed yet sharp light on an unreasonable social system.

Sons of Denmark (2019 Feature Film)

Cornered by xenophobia, two young men become embroiled in a devilish dilemma. In response to intimidation, Zakaria decides it’s time to act, violently if need be. In Copenhagen, a member of the intelligence community tries to combat the threat professionally.