10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

De Dirigent

Maria Peters | Netherlands, Belgium | 2018 | 127 min | English, Dutch, German | Papiamentu

The life story of Antonia Brico, the world’s first successful female conductor. A captivating tale of ambition, love and courage, set in early 20th century Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. The Dutch, 24-year-old Antonia Brico was a child when she and her parents immigrated to the United States. She dreams of becoming a conductor, but nobody takes her ambition seriously. Because she has little to lose, she returns to her motherland, where she begs the famous conductor Mengelberg to teach her conducting lessons.

Mengelberg is not comfortable with the idea and sends Antonia to Berlin where she, against all expectations, has a better chance as a woman to make it. After a two-year study at the State Academy of Music she becomes the first woman to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Emotional strain threatens to overwhelm her, when the love of her life puts her in a difficult position. What choice will Antonia make?

Place: The Cinemas 

Date: April 12

Time: 21:45


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Maria Peters


Netherlands, Belgium


English, Dutch, German



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