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Salgán & Salgán: A Father-Son Tango (2015 Feature Film)

Caroline Neal | Argentina | 2015 | 83 min | Spanish

Fascinating, moving portrait of the exceptional relationship between father and son Salgán: one a famous tango composer, the other a racing driver and pianist always overshadowed by his father. Can two, strong, independent personalities relate after years of no contact? Replete with beautiful tango music by father and son.

Legendary tango pianist and composer Horacio Salgán and his son César never had much contact. Horacio divorced César’s mother when the latter was still young. There was even an 18-year period during which they never spoke. While his father made a name for himself as pianist and band leader, César played bass in a cover band and became a successful racing car driver. He only started playing piano later on, always overshadowed by his father. However, after all those years of separation, Horacio becomes seriously ill and moves in with his son.

Documentary maker Caroline Neal filmed how this affects the two Salgáns. Son César doesn’t dare to play piano in front of his dad while Horacio is suddenly dependent on his son. In telling, intimately observed shots, Caroline Neal captures the unspoken respect and recognition between the two solitary men with music as their great love, who are more alike than they would ever admit.

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Caroline Neal


Caroline Neal
Sebastián Alejo Martínez Piñeiro
Diego Hernán Olmos




Caroline Neal




83 min


Horacio Salgán
César Salgán
El Quinteto Real
La Gran Orquesta TangoVia Buenos Aires


Caroline Neal
Vanessa Ragone


Alberto Muñoz
Caroline Neal

Sound Design

José Caldararo

Year of Production


Caroline NEAL (USA) studeerde aan Harvard en doorliep het postdoctorale filmprogramma aan de universiteit van New York, waar ze de Martin Scorsese Post-Production Award won. Ze verhuisde naar Argentinië om er de documentaire Si sos brujo: A Tango Story (2005) te maken. Momenteel woont ze in Buenos Aires.



Si sos brujo: A Tango Story (2005, doc), Salgán & Salgán: Un tango padre-hijo /Salgán & Salgán: A Father-Son Tango (2014, doc)