10th edition CIFF – 10-14 April 2024

A orillas del mar (By the Sea) (2016 Feature Film) Nominee

Bladimir Abud | Dominican Republic | 2016 | 76 min | Spanish | e.s.

When dad disappears from their fishing village, his teen son goes in search of his missing parent. He even scours the city where the living is harder than he thought. Safety and unconditional parental love are hard to find in this social drama. However, the teen encounters humanity in the least expected places.

When Pedro’s father Ulises doesn’t come back from the sea after a routine fishing trip, the teen is seriously worried. Without a mom, brothers or sisters, and now without a dad, his existence has just come undone. In desperation, Pedro decides to look for his father in Santa Domingo. In the Dominican Republic’s capital he does indeed find Ulises, but what follows this meeting is worse than disappointing and Pedro has to survive on his own in the outright hostile, merciless environment. Abud’s social drama was inspired by true events and his own childhood experiences on Samaná, a Dominican peninsula. Although the script is somber, the misery is presented without sensationalism. After been rejected by all in his search for unconditional love and a safe home, at unexpected moments innate refinement manages to provide a veneer of hope.

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 7 April 2016

Time: 18:30

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 8 April 2016

Time: 14:00

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 5

Date: 10 April 2016

Time: 16:15

Duration: 1:30

Year in



Bladimir Abud


Frankie Báez


Sonny Kelly
Teofilo Terrero
Cheddy García
Richard Douglas


Dominican Republic




76 min


Angelo Panetta


Bladimir Abud
Melisa Fuentes
Pablo Mustonen
Gabriel Tineo

Production Company

Fabud Films


Fabud Films


Bladimir Abud
Maykel Rodríguez Ponjuán
Alfonso Suárez

Sound Design

Angelo Panetta

Year of Production


Bladimir ABUD (1974, Dominican Republic) works as a filmmaker, producer and scriptwriter and has multiple film titles to his name. Social themes define his work.



If I Could Have Saved You (2010, short, La lucha de Ana/Anna’s Struggle (2012), Los Super (2013), Suplicio (2014), A orillas del mar/By the Sea (2015)